The Mindfulness Diet – A Complete
Mindful Eating Program

The Mindfulness Diet is a complete, easy-to-understand, self-paced mindful eating program that addresses the foundation of troubles related to eating behaviors and weight management.

mind▪ful▪ness / n / 1 : awareness

di▪et / n / fr. Gk diaita, lit., way of life

The Mindfulness Diet involves cultivating awareness as a way of life. Shining the light of awareness onto your body and its sensations attunes you to the deep (and often neglected) wisdom of your body, which has a spontaneous, uncontrived need for healthy, moderate amounts of food and exercise. Learn more.

Cultivating awareness of thoughts, emotions that lead you to eat, and states such as boredom or desire that influence your eating can uproot and dissolve ancient and/or compulsive patterns that are very often the roots of stress eating, emotional eating, binge eating, and other painful struggles. Learn more.

Grounded in extensive scientific research, The Mindfulness Diet offers the tools you may have been missing for establishing a healthy relationship to eating, exercise, body weight, and body image.

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