Download The Mindfulness Diet – A Complete Mindful Eating Program

You could attend a mindful eating course for $200 … or $500. The Mindfulness Diet, with more than 20 guided audio exercises and a 90-page workbook, is currently only $47 (details below).

The Mindfulness Diet is an easy-to-understand, self-paced, customizable mindful eating program that goes to the root of troubles related to eating behaviors, dietary choices, and weight management. Whatever the name for your struggle – emotional eating, binge eating, stress eating, or food addiction – The Mindfulness Diet offers powerful solutions for learning a liberated way of eating that is also appetizing and healthy.

There are no rules, recipes, or restrictions – mindful eating is not about deprivation. The Mindfulness Diet does not require you to make changes to what or how much you’re eating (though you may choose to do so at any time). This will happen naturally as your mindfulness deepens. Instead, the Mindfulness Diet is an essential foundation for discovering a healthy relationship to food, eating, exercise, body image, and weight management. A relationship that will gradually dissolve your struggles, and allow your unique body to thrive.

What You Will Learn

  • A Mindful Eating 101 guided exercise
  • How mindful eating can be easily and effectively applied along with any formal diet, informal dietary approach, or personal way of eating
  • Why (short of giving up) you can’t fail at mindfulness
  • How mindful eating works on the deeper forces that may lead to binge eating, emotional eating, or other eating “act outs”
  • A guided body awareness exercise
  • Understanding the stress reduction effects of body awareness
  • How mindful eating is intimately linked to healthier food choices, predisposition to exercise, and healthy weight management
  • How mindful eating begins to resolve fundamental causes of binge eating, emotional eating, and stress eating
  • Why stress leads to an unhealthy relationship to food, and how the stress reduction effects of mindfulness counter the problem
  • How to quickly go from stress to tranquility with mindfulness
  • Four brief mindful stress reduction exercises
  • How mindful eating reconnects you with your body’s innate wisdom
  • “The Body Speaks” guided exercise
  • How mindful eating enhances your freedom of choice to not automatically act on food desires
  • Why traditional dieting rarely works in the long run – a deeper mind/body perspective
  • More on the truth within the origins of the word “diet”
  • How mindful eating can support you in giving up the complex and stressful rules-based dieting game, and allow you to rediscover a natural and intuitive way of eating
  • The 3 primary characteristics of mindful eating
  • The critical distinction between hunger and appetite
  • How mindful eating leads you towards alignment between the food your body needs and the food your mind desires
  • “End Stress Eating” guided exercise
  • The fundamental causes of lasting, transformative change
  • How mindfulness counteracts your inner resistance to healthy change
  • Why the “quick fix paradigm” rarely fixes anything
  • How to enhance your mindfulness and reduce “emotional eating” by exploring the deeper desires underneath cravings and superficial wants
  • Why the best self-discipline isn’t self-discipline
  • Two attitudes that will enhance your chances for long-term success (with the Mindfulness Diet or any method)
  • An intriguing method for neutralizing the “not enough time” excuse
  • How mindfulness can begin to free you from states such as boredom, desire, or anxiety that may habitually and unconsciously cause you to act out with food, and a guided exercise on this topic
  • How the quality and quantity of your thoughts is intimately linked to stress and eating behaviors
  • The difference between thinking thoughts and being mindful of thoughts
  • How mindfulness of thoughts brings you new freedom of choice around food
  • Three techniques for being mindful of thoughts
  • Guided exercise on mindfulness of thoughts
  • How mindful eating can begin to free you from the limitations of black-and-white, rules-based thinking about food
  • Understanding the relationship between your emotions and your eating behaviors (whether binge eating, emotional eating, or other issues)
  • Why mindfulness of emotions is preferable to management of emotions
  • Mindfulness of emotions guided exercise
  • The 3 mental qualities that enhance mindfulness, and how to cultivate them
  • The insidious force which can make mindful eating much more challenging (and how to overcome it)
  • How lovingkindness and forgiveness can work to fill the void you may try to escape through emotional eating or binge eating
  • Guided lovingkindness exercise
  • Basic instructions for the “complete practice” of lovingkindness
  • Instructions for cultivating forgiveness
  • How mindfulness works to increase your motivation to exercise regularly
  • Why mindfulness may be associated with improved exercise outcomes
  • Mindful walking guided exercise
  • 27 ways to be mindfully active
  • Why media dieting may be more helpful than food dieting, and how mindfulness can help you
  • A mindful self-reflective exercise to become aware of the effects of media on your body image, weight, and self-esteem
  • Specific instructions for an optional “mindful media diet”
  • Why the 2 typical responses to cravings and emotional eating tend to keep us stuck in those patterns, and the “third response” of mindfulness
  • How to enjoy the food you crave in mindful moderation
  • Guided exercise on mindfully overcoming food cravings
  • Guided exercise on mindfully reducing emotional eating
  • Exercise for becoming mindfully aware of past and present influences on your eating behaviors (awareness is the first step towards freedom)
  • How to overcome lagging motivation
  • The 3 essential supports for increasing mindfulness in your life and eating
  • A list of additional helpful resources
  • How to “live” the Mindfulness Diet

What Does The Mindfulness Diet Contain?

The Mindfulness Diet contains multiple audio learning and practice modules with more than 20 guided audio exercises to gently lead you towards a mindful way of eating and being:

  • Mindful Eating 101; Setting the Foundation via Bodily Awareness
  • Intermediate Mindful Eating Skills; Stress Reduction through Mindful Breathing; Mindfulness for Overcoming Stress Eating
  • Secrets of Practice and Change; Mindfully Overcoming Challenging States that Lead to Compulsive Eating; The Essential Power of Mindfulness of Thoughts
  • The Fundamentals of Mindfulness of Emotions; Cultivating Lovingkindness and Forgiveness
  • Discovering Mindful Freedom from Cravings; Cultivating Mindful Liberation from Emotional Eating; The Power of Mindful Exercise; Mindful Media Habits; Living the Mindfulness Diet

. . . PLUS six extensive guided audio exercises for further deepening your mindfulness

. . . PLUS a 90-page Workbook packed with additional information, tips, exercises, and inspiration, including:

  • The two simple steps for practicing The Mindfulness Diet
  • Four in-depth practice strategies
  • Dozens of remedies for the most common mindfulness challenges
  • The complete 30-point Mindfulness Diet assessment
  • A basic introduction to the “psychology of mindfulness” – how does it work?
  • Essential FAQs answered
  • Many additional exercises
  • A 20-year review of Mindfulness Diet-related research
  • Glossary of essential Mindfulness Diet terms

. . . PLUS bonus audio tracks with additional instruction and exercises, including:

  • How to calm mind and body with concentration; a guided concentration exercise
  • Guided exercise for reducing chronic or acute physical pain with mindfulness
  • Understanding the two kinds of stress (positive and negative), the primary and secondary causes of stress, and two healthy approaches to stress

Buy Now (100% Money Back Guarantee)

The digital download of the Mindfulness Diet is only $47. I’m so sure you’ll be pleased that I’ll give you a 100% refund if you’re not completely satisfied (and you may keep the program!).

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