If you’ve made a donation, thank you! Whatever amount you contributed, I am grateful for your generosity and support. Please read ALL of the following carefully before starting your download. There are two separate downloads, one for the main program (MP3 audio tracks and PDF workbook), and one for the Mindful Eating Coach™ app. Wait until the download of the main program is complete before clicking to start the download of the app. Note that there are two links for the Mindful Eating Coach™ app, one for Windows computers and one for Mac. Running the Mindful Eating Coach™ app requires that you have Java installed, but Java is installed by default on nearly all computers (both Windows and Mac). However, if you can’t get the program to work, you may need to install Java, which you can do for free here. You will also need to make sure your computer’s audio capabilities (headphones or speakers) are functioning correctly in order to hear the Mindful Eating Coach. By downloading the Mindfulness Diet program and Mindful Eating Coach™ app you are agreeing to the following:

  • The Mindfulness Diet program and app are for your individual use only. You agree that public use or other use is prohibited.
  • The Mindfulness Diet program and app are designed for educational purposes only. You understand that the advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your situation, and the use of any information provided in the program is solely at your own risk.

To begin, click “Download the Mindfulness Diet” below to download the main program. Note that the download consists of a Zip file over 500MB in size. Please be patient!

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Download the Mindfulness Diet After the above download is complete, click to download the app:

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Download the Mindful Eating Coach™ app (Windows version) Download the Mindful Eating Coach™ app (Mac version) While you wait for the program to finish downloading, would you be willing to contact three people you know who might be interested in The Mindfulness Diet? Spreading the news is another way to make a donation, and I consider it a wonderful gift because it saves me a lot of time! It’s as easy as copying or modifying the following sentence: I thought you might be interested in knowing about The Mindfulness Diet, a comprehensive mindful eating program that is available as a free digital download here:  https://www.mindfulnessdiet.com/