Negative Body Image

About Negative or Distorted Body Image

A negative or distorted body image is common in those who struggle with eating, and makes one’s body seem larger than it is. This may lead to anxiety, shame, unhealthy dieting habits, even eating disorders. Commonly acknowledged as a problem faced by women, it is also faced by men.

Excessive exposure to media is correlated with negative body image, which often leads to disordered eating and/or and increases in body weight, including obesity.

Studies have suggested that mindfully limiting one’s media consumption can promote healthier eating habits and increase self-esteem.

Mindfulness, Body Image, and the Media

By enhancing your overall awareness, mindfulness can reduce the effects of media consumption on a negative or distorted body image by:

  • Reducing your stress (that might lead you to mindlessly consume media)
  • Enhancing your ability to manage challenging emotions (that might often lead you to consume media)
  • Helping you recognize that the distractions provided by media may not be as genuinely satisfying as being mindfully present for your life
  • Helping you recognize that media consumption may increase your stress and anxiety
  • Helping you recognize that consuming media may make you more depressed